How can I pay HDFC credit card bill payment through other bank debit card?


HDFC Bank providing you with a convenient and hassle-free way to Pay your HDFC Bank credit card bill payments or outstanding from other Bank accounts and Debit Cards.

There are different ways to pay your HDFC credit card bill payments

HDFC Credit Card Bill Payments via Billdesk for Non-HDFC Bank Account

Step 1. Provide your HDFC Bank Credit Card payment details


  • Please enter your HDFC Bank Credit Card number and payment amount, Select your net banker and click on ‘PAY’

Provide your HDFC Bank Credit Card payment details

Step 2: Select your Online Banking

HDFC Credit Card Payments from other Bank onlin e

  • Logging to your online banking with your username and password
  • Confirm and verify with OTP
  • The transaction has been done and the amount will credited in your credit card after 2 business successful days.

Step 3: Select Pay from – UPI Unified Payments Interface

Select Pay from - UPI  Unified Payments Interface

  • Enter your UPI Id or scan from QR code from any UPI Interface ( (Phone Pe, Amazon, Google Pay or any) )

HDFC Credit Card Bill payments through UPI

  • Your Payment is in progress

To complete your online payment please follow the steps below:

  • Login into your PSP (@ybl) application.
  • You will receive a collect request from hdfcbank.billdesk@hdfcbank
  • Authorise payment

Credit Card Payments through any UPI Interface

  • You will get a notification and complete the transaction from any UPI interface (Phone Pe, Amazon, Google Pay or any)

Credit Card Bill payment Notification on Phone pe app

  • The You will get a confirmation on screen and also get a message and email for the same transaction
  • Amount will get credited into your credit card as NEFT time.

Step 4: USE Any UPI Apps

Nowadays Phone pe, Google Pay, Amazon UPI applications are providing an option for to pay your credit Card Bills/outstanding payments online.

These app allows you to transfer funds from any other bank account to your HDFC Bank Credit Card account electronically. For further information. Use IFSC Code HDFC0000128 for card payment through NEFT.

Following things to be entered while paying your HDFC Credit Card Bill Payments from UPI applications

  • Name:
  • HDFC Credit Card Number:
  • IFSC Code:
  • Amount:

Step 5: USE CRED App for HDFC Credit Card Payments

CRED is an application that allows you to pay your any credit card bill/outstanding payments online. This is the most rewarding credit card payment application ever.

USE CRED App for HDFC Credit Card Payments

HDFC Credit card payment from non-HDFC accounts

It is not mandatory to have an account in the same bank, whose credit card you bought. There are different ways of paying credit card bills through other bank accounts:

  • NEFT method: In this method user need to enter number of HDFC credit card as the payee account number to make payments and the IFSC code. The payments which are made during working hours on weekdays get transferred on same day whereas the payments which are made after working hours get transferred on next day. IFSC Code HDFC0000128” can be used for making NEFT payments for credit card.
  • RTGS (Real time gross settlement )method: This method is applicable for the people who use credit card for higher transactions as they can pay the whole amount at one time, so a payment of Rs2 lakhs or more can be done at one click unlike NEFT where for higher transactions payment has to be done in batches. For carrying out this transaction net banking should be activated in other bank account too.